As you may know, Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company similar to E-Bay that sells products and services through its web portals to worldwide customers. Recently, the company unveiled the Top Selling Android smartphones for April, top that offers some surprises.


First we get to see who leads this top in terms of devices sold. On the first place we have a category that covers a range of unknown producers – Others – 19.92%. Secondly, we see that 19.03% of the phones sold in April through Alibaba were Samsung devices, while on the 3rd position we have Xiaomi with 13.61% phones. Next is Huawei with 8.53%, and Vivo with 6.94%.

Top 10 Selling Android Smartphones in April on Alibaba (by Producer)


When it comes to the units sold per device, we have some surprises. In this top there’s some devices launched way back in 2012, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, device that seems to be very popular in 2015 too. On the 3rd place is a cheap device this time, more precisely the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. You can check the Top 10 Smartphones down below:

Top 10 Smartphones Sold on Alibaba in April 



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