About one month ago, Sony Ericsson declined the offer to join the Open Handset Alliance, claiming that it prefers to focus on the UIQ interface. Today, following a recent trend, the high and mighty SE joined the Alliance and seems ready to commit to developing the Android OS. They weren’t the only ones, as OHA just got 14 more new members, among which Asus and Garmin.


So, we can speculate that Garmin delayed its long-awaited nuvifone, in order to implement Android on it, while SE joined the gang to get the OS running on its XPERIA handset. Also, Asus is a perfect candidate to using Android, since it recently unveiled the P565 smartphone, a brilliant device that would make good use of that operating system.

Sony Ericsson is playing it safe, by also working with Microsoft and using Windows Mobile on XPERIA X1, as it’s also being expected to ship its first Symbian Foundation-based handsets in 2009. Is there any alliance that SE isn’t part of?

[allaboutsymbian via Engadget Mobile]

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