We often get the chance to see some of the inventions developed by tech companies through patent applications, and this happens again today. A new patent reveals that Apple could offer in the future a peer-to-peer payment solution to iMessage. These kind of transaction might also work using chats, emails, and even voice calls.


As you can notice in the sketch above, there’s an iPhone with the iMessage chat app open, software that offers the possibility to make payments to certain users. Once this button – Make Payment – is hit, we can set the amount we wish to send, and finally confirm the payment.

According to a Javelin Strategy & Research study, it seems that those Phone users in the age range of 18-34 are finding this service of peer-to-peer payments very popular. If we go back in time, more precisely in March 2015, we should remember the fact that Facebook introduced this feature of peer-to-peer payments for their Messenger app.

via: phonearena.com