Last year, in a short while after Steve Jobs’ passing there was a theory that the Apple guru was less involved in the making of the iPhone 4S and more in the creation of the iPhone 5. This time, Bloomberg has a piece on this matter, making us believe it’s a real thing.

Many news outlets have claimed that the new iPhone will stray from the 3.5 incher format and give us a 4 inch or even 4.5 inch display. Reuters and Bloomberg, plus WSJ were among them, so we tend to believe them. It also appears that the new Apple handset will get a total redesign, once imagined by Jobs and it will include a new antenna system and a new case, made mostly of glass and aluminum. The sixth iPhone is expected to include a larger 4 inch display and 4G LTE connectivity.

We’ve also heard a theory saying that the new iPhone could use a Liquidmetal case, a quad core Apple A6 processor and maybe even a better camera. One thing is for sure: Apple fans will be pleased to know that their beloved Steve Jobs was involved in making their new iPhone.

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