We’ve seen the BlackBerry 10 L Series handsets in a hands on video last week, plus an extended gallery days ago, but now it’s time to shed more light on the product(s). As you know, the BlackBerry London has been the subject of leaks for a while now and we’ve heard the name BB Laguna/Lisbon mentioned a few times as well. Well, the London is a GSM model and the Lisbon/Laguna should be pretty much the same phone, in a CDMA version.



You can see how the battery, SIM card and microSD card positions are switched and also the pins of the battery are on opposite sides on the handsets in the pic above. And then there’s a comparison with the iPhone 5, that reminds me of a Motorola Droid RAZR compared to the Apple handset, for some reason. I wonder what the level of brightness on the BB phone was, since the iPhone seems much brighter… Anyway, it’s nice to see international and US versions of the first BB 10 OS devices being prepared for debut, that will go down at the end of January 2013.

This will usher us into a new era, an era where Android and iOS aren’t the only players anymore and where Windows Phone has a reason to be afraid of losing third spot. Does BB 10 OS convince you? It did convince us and the designs of the new BlackBerries aren’t that bad, either. Now let’s see the prices…


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