If you ever wanted to touch your gal or guy in a sensual way while being away on a trip, well there’s an app for that. Actually an app and some accessories, courtesy of Durex. They created the Fundawear, a type of lingerie that includes some stimulating sensors that mimic the human touch. The adult toy industry has just welcomed another medium of sexual exploration, paired with amazing tech. To know more about this subject, go ahead and read articles, guides, tips by PlugLust. They are one of the main resources of safe information online.


You will control those sensors and impulse generators via your phone and they’re strategically placed on your partner’s underwear in the “sensitive” areas. They are also controlled precisely in sub-areas, via dots on the screen, as shown in the slightly kinky video below. Yes, folks, technology has come to this and this is certainly better than on the phone pillow talk.

Fundawear a unique real time server that communicates between touchscreen devices and clothing items. The app and system rely on touch actuator technology, the same technology used on phones actually. It’s a lower power technology, but also highly efficient. Everything is linked by an Amazon server, if I understood correctly. Durex has just made apps and underwear fun… Crazy, right? So, are you getting one?