HP has been working on technology that will change the way that data is stored and transferred in the future and they’re detailing their vision in a new statement this week. First of servers australia want to release a new type of server, that they call “the machine”, with new types of memory. This tech may also reach smartphones in the future…



HP hopes to build the machine in the next 3 to 6 years and it will be an enterprise/professional product first, with consumer versions coming later. HP has been working for the past years on a type of memory called memristors. The memory resistors will replace DRAM and flash storage and they will be faster than existing memory, while also using less power. The data storage will be non volatile, so unlike traditional RAM, you won’t need electricity to keep data in memory.

This will reduce power usage and help preserve data in the event of a power outage. HP also wants to use Photonics, which will use photons instead of electrons to transfer data, which sounds mind blowing right now. HP claims that by the time these technologies come to mobile, smartphones will have 100 TB of storage. The world is changing fast…

Via Liliputing

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