Motorola’s Droid (dubbed Milestone in Europe) is certainly the hottest Android smartphone revealed till now and it would be a pity not to compare it to the hottest Windows Mobile device released till now, HTC HD2. The latest versions of both operating systems also meet in the following duel (Android 2.0 versus Windows Mobile 6.5):

HTC HD2 has the upper hand as far as the interface is concerned, since it combines the properties of WM 6.5 with the coolness and user-friendliness of the HTC Sense UI, while Android 2.0 might be hot, but it’s far from Sense’s performance. The HTC smartphone also wins the processing power duel, since it features a Snapdragon MSM 8250 1 GHz CPU, very powerful, when compared to the 550 MHz processor on Milestone.

Memory-wise, the two devices are pretty close, with Milestone sporting 16GB of removable memory, up to 32GB of microSD memory cards and HTC HD2 packing a 16GB flash drive, plus a microSD slot. You’ll also find 512MB of flash memory and 320MB RAM on board of the WM 6.5 handset. At least the Android device wins the battery life duel, providing 8 hours of talk time, one hour more than the WM 6.5 phone.

Another crucial advantage of the HTC HD2 is its huge 4.3 inch capacitive widescreen with multitouch support and a 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Milestone manages to hold its own against it, with a 3.7 inch capacitive widescreen touch display sporting a 854 x 480 pixels resolution. Who’ll win the duel? Check out the video below for part 2 of the comparison:

[via passionemobile]

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