A new report arrived today from Financial Times let us know about Huawei’s desire to be treated as an european company by the European Commission and regulators. These details were unveiled one of the company’s three CEOs, Guo Ping.



Also, Huawei said that it will invest more in Europe if in the future will be treated like a European company, and not as a Chinese one. We get to know that in the past 10 years, Huawei hired almost 9900 people in Europe, 1.200 of them working in research and development. Guo Ping added that Huawei isn’t here to see Europe just as a market. Huawei wants to do R&D and to procure materials for its product from Europe.

Last year, European Commission dropped a long complaint against Huawei and ZTE for the fact that both these companies were flooding the European market with undepriced products. At the moment, EU faces increasing scrutiny over the way that it treats non-European companies.

via: financialtimes.com 

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