Since we’ve been playing with the Nokia Lumia 920, we thought we’d also play a game on this device. And since we seem to have missed a very hot title from the early days of Windows Phone, we played Ilomilo this time, a game that has a few years of life.



You will control two friends, Ilo and Milo, who will try to reach each other in a laybirinth of colored squares in 3D. The game is an environmental 3D puzzle, that gives you the option to play about a half a dozen or so free levels and then pay $4.99 for the full game. Well, it’s totally worth it! The game is highly entertaining and very cute and original, even today. It works just fine on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 and it takes up 24 MB of storage.

The game was developed by Southend Interactive, but Microsoft Game Studios were also involved. You even get a multiplayer mode, where you can bring two players to this universe and have them control either Ilo or Milo. By the way, even you in single player mode can switch between the two little guys and control anyone of them, as you navigate through the labyrinth and even spin your camera angle. An excellent game that gets a 10 out of 10 from us and a download link for you here.

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