Vodafone UK managed to somehow leak some unimportant iPhone 5 specs these days, if we can even call them specifications. I’m talking here about three things: the confirmation that the iPhone 5 exists, its storage versions and color versions. The Sure Signal signal booster below revealed the device in the compatible handsets section.


Thus, we found out that the iPhone 5 will come in black or white and in 16 or 32 GB flavors. No trace of a 64 GB version, at least not yet and maybe Apple won’t even launch such a model, considering the costs of flash memory nowadays and the recent scandal with their maker, Samsung. One good thing here is that we won’t have to wait an year for the launch of the white iPhone 5, like we did with the iPhone 4.

I’m guessing that this could be a publicity stunt since Vodafone UK was keen on reminding us that they will be one of the companies to sell the next iPhone this fall. Who cares that a black or white iPhone 5 is compatible with the Signal Booster? Does the color change anything, so why mention all these versions? Fishy…

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