Like we already are used, Apple‘s mobile device are launched in a few color variations, like the actual iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, devices that are available only in silver, space grey and gold. As you may know, Apple has an iPhone device (5c) that comes in a lot of color variations, but for the rest of the phones sold we don’t get this privilege.



While the phones are coming in just three color options, the consumers who want to have a more colorful device are forced to buy a special case to do this. However, for those who want a special iPhone 6, the answer could arrive from China, where there was launched a limited pink edition of the new 4.7-inch model.


We get to know that this limited edition will be available in just 200 units, a reason that make us belive that its price tag is a lot higher than a regular iPhone 6. As we can see from the pictures above, the device comes in a bigger package that offers a charger, an USB cable and a pink case. Would you buy a pink iPhone 6?




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