Designed by Steel Drake from Kyrgyzstan, the iPhone 8 concept shown below is pretty impressive, I have to say. We’ve gotten used to the ultraslim devices with no bezels at all or sub 5 mm waistlines and here comes a bulkier handset that shows us it can still be pretty.


Why iPhone 8? We don’t know, but it may as well be iPhone 7, since it doesn’t stray hugely from the series’ design lines. It feels like a combo between an Xperia and an enlarged iPhone 4, maybe with a touch of Motorola kevlar at its core. We have no idea what the middle area of the phone is made of, but it looks like a combo of rubber and plastic, maybe even glass. On the sides we’ve got pure metal, implemented in a way that makes us feel we’re dealing with an iPhone with a bumper case on.

The camera at the back has been moved slightly closer to the center and the speakers at the bottom are even more discrete now. The most stunning aspect about the phone are its corners, that are totally beautiful. The separation between the corner and middle of the edges is done through a differently colored piece of material, probably the plastic needed for the antenna, who knows? Quite an impressive piece of work, I have to say!

via Concept Phones

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