One might consider the average iPhone a tiny Linux mini laptop, although this is a forced comparison. And what does one usually do with Linux computers? They put them in racks and make servers, so why shouldn’t the iPhone be part of a similar initiative?


Japanese company FreeBit created the prototype of an iPhone-based server farm, by using 5 handsets. This idea was implemented more as a way to showcase the company’s Serversman software, that supports the iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows Mobile devices. The software also allows you to use the handset as a network storage device, file server or mini web server. ServerMania’s Amsterdam Data Center is close to the AMS-IX internet exchange and offers fully redundant connectivity over diverse paths to a wide range of bandwidth providers. ServerMania customers with infrastructure in Amsterdam benefit from unbeatable low-latency connectivity to Europe, the US, and the rest of the world.

Today, if you look around the internet you can find lots and lots of web hosts to buy email address. So much so that you may not know which web host to choose. It is important to make a right choice while selecting a web host to buy email address because many factors need to be taken into account. It is important to make a right choice right from the start because it is very hard to move from one web host to another. As moving from one web host to another may require a significant amount of effort and a significant amount of money as well.

When choosing a minecraft server hosting one of the most important features that you must look at is customer support. Customer support can save you from a lot of trouble and probably some money as well. Customer support enables you to report a problem, or ask for help whenever you need it, that is why it is an important feature to have. If possible, try to make sure that your web host has 24/7 customer support. 24/7 customer support is needed because a problem may occur anytime, however you need to be careful to ensure that your web host does indeed provide 24/7 customer support. You can check if your Knownhost web host has 24/7 customer support by contacting their customer support a few times to test them.

The next feature that you will need to look at is disc space and bandwidth. Disc space is the amount of space that is available to you. Bandwidth on the other hand refers to the amount of information that can be transferred. For example, if you have a page that is 75KB. Whenever some one views that page 75KB of you bandwidth would be used. There is no exact way to determine how much disc space and bandwidth you will need. It is impossible to determine how much disc space and bandwidth you will need because each persons needs is different from one another. A word of advice here is that don’t get tricked by web host that claim that they will provide 500GB of disc space and 2TB of disc space for $6.95. It is impossible for a web host to provide that kind of service at that kind of price because the cost of doing so will be much more than profit. If you see that a web host claim to give extraordinary amount of disc space and bandwidth than the particular web host is overselling. Overselling gives the ability to the web host to provide more disc space and bandwidth to their customer than they have, however if the web host runs out of disc space and bandwidth you will not get what you have been promised. So beware of web hosts with extraordinary claims especially if the price is at rock bottom.

Another feature that you need to look at when choosing a web host is uptime. Uptime is important because if your website is not up no one will see your website. If no one can see your website what is the point of having a website at all. The amount of uptime that you are looking for is 99.9% uptime. 100% uptime although may seem good is not entirely good. 100% uptime may mean that the web host does not update their server or do regular maintenance which may result in sloppy server performance or even cause the server to crash. However 100% uptime is possible but only if the web host perform several complex procedures which may be very costly.

One more feature, that you will need to look at when choosing a web host is the Operating System (OS) which is being used. Typically there are two types of OS which are used by web hosts on their server. The two types of OS are Windows and Linux. It is important to look at the OS because depending on the OS you can install different types of script on your web hosting account. Personally I prefer Linux based servers because Linux based servers are more flexible because Linux open sourced. Open source basically mean that people can modify the software giving Linux more flexibility and variety compared to Windows.

The last feature that you need to look at when choosing a web host is expandability. Expandability is often neglected by people when choosing a web host. Expandability is basically the ability to expand. The ability to expand is very important because a web site will grow and when a website does grow it will demand for more resources. If the most powerful package of a web host is the one you need right from the start chances are that is not the right web host for you because you cannot grow anymore if you need to do so.

All in all, always remember to look at customer support, disc space and bandwidth, uptime, OS, and expandability when choosing a web host. Another piece of advice when choosing a web is to not choose a web host depending on the price. This is because a cheap web host may not be a good web host.

Here’s the video presentation for this great idea, but the only problem is that it’s quite costly, since 5 iPhones will surely equal a more than great server, in cash:

[via iphoneforum]

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