The Kyocera Hydro Icon has leaked before, but this time it does so in a Sprint version, courtesy of @evleaks. The device is expected to be a waterproof model, which is a conclusion drawn from the name of the device, so we may be reading too much into it.



This model is expected to be a 4.7 or 5 inch device, it appears to have KitKat on board and it comes with a Home button, a Back button and a Menu button, all of them capacitive. There’s a power button at the top and a camera with flash at the back, maybe something like a 5 MP or 8 MP unit. The notification area shows us the Sprint Spark service and you can see the name LTE written there, so it’s clear what to expect.

This looks and sounds like a midranger, so it probably is one. We’ve recently heard that waterproof midrange devices will be big in 2015. Could Sprint start the trend early with the Kyocera Hydro Icon? I’m also expecting this model to be made of plastic…

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