Kyocera has just announced a brand new handset that feels like it belongs in 2006. This model is called Kyocera Verve and it will go on sale from Sprint and Boost Mobile. The device is a feature phone, as you probably figured out.



It comes with a numeric keypad at the bottom of the display and an extra sliding keyboard sideways. This is a full QWERTY keyboard, by the way. The Verve packs a 2.4 inch display, a 2 MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, a speakerphone and a stereo audio jack. Sprint says that this model is ideal for heavy texters, or at least its OS is.

This device doesn’t support LTE and this product is being offered for free, although you’ll have to pay $5.42 each month for 2 years. People who just need a working phone will surely be happy with this product.

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