Meizu and Nokia are working on something, we knew as much many weeks ago and over the past days leaks of their device have intensified. Yesterday we even caught a first hands on glimpse at the so called Meizu MX Supreme.

meizu supreme nokia

The product gets pictured again today via a Weibo leak shown above, that clearly highlights the Home button with a possible fingerprint scanner that we were speculating about yesterday. Notice that the device also has narrow bezels and what seems to be a metallic edge of the frame. The Nokia/Meizu MX Supreme new image comes from the same source as before, so it establishes a pattern of solid leaks.

The most hopefuls of Finnish Nokia fans are still dreaming of a Pureview Android phone and this may just be it. Nokia remains cautious still, since it can’t quite launch a phone under its own brand, so it can partner up with other brands. From what I see here, this is an Android model, although there can always be Ubuntu on the final model.

via Weibo