Chinese leakster Ubuntu Team has an interesting Weibo post, that reveals new plans for prolific company Meizu. Apparently, they’re going to use Nokia technology for an upcoming so called “supreme phone”. Nokia is rumored to supply the hardware, or software, or both for this endeavor.



We trust the source of the leak, because it’s the very same one that revealed the HTC One E9 handset last week. Interestingly enough, back in January there were rumors about a partnership between Nokia and Meizu yet again, with a Supreme phone also mentioned then. Nokia isn’t allowed to sell and make phones under its own brand till 2016, but it may make phones for others.

Backtracking the rumors, in January it was said that the Meizu MX4 will get a Supreme version powered by Nokia. This could mean we’ll get a Pureview camera on board and since Meizu was good enough to convince Samsung to let them use the Exynos CPU, I’m sure they can borrow the 41 MP camera as well from Nokia. Notice how the Lumia 1030 also appears in the Weibo posting above, which means the canned project may be rebranded to Meizu…

via weibo

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