Metaio has recently announced the release of the first mobile augmented reality videogame for handsets on Ovi Store. The title we’re talking about is dubbed Zombie ShootAR and uses the phone’s camera live-stream for optical tracking and 3D rendering, creating a scary, interactive experience.

There’s a free demo version available on the Nokia Ovi Store right now. The concept of the game is very simple: you capture your surroundings with your phone’s camera and what you see gets displayed on the screen, plus some extra zombies integrated into the real life. You’ll use a shotgun and targeting radar to get rid of them.

You can search for, shoot, chop-up and destroy the virtual zombie integrated in your surroundings and there’s a video below of the title, if you want more details. The game is available only for Nokia N95 phones via the Ovi Store right now, but it’ll also hit the iPhone and Android handsets.

There’s a review of Zombie ShootAR over here, if you’re interested.