Taking advantage of the economical depression, Microsoft wants not only to try and convince Yahoo! to give in to its proposal, but also take over RIM, the maker of BlackBerry handsets. Its stocks have dropped down to a value of $50, abysmal for such a big name in the mobile industry.


We’re pretty sure Microsoft wants to respond as quickly as possible to Google’s launch of the T-Mobile G1 and the success of the Android platform. Also, the acquisition of RIM comes at the perfect time, as the company’s far more “cheaper” now than it was 4 months ago, when its stocks were worth $148.

In case this drop continues, RIM might decay from their smartphone market leading position to a manufacturing segment of Microsoft. It would be sad to see the BlackBerry OS fading in the mist of Windows Mobile 7, but Microsoft’s mobile OS is surely promising.

[via Intomobile]

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