When you’ve got a processor that barely outperforms the devices before you and even struggles to surpass the PSP, could you call yourself a 2009 hot smartphone? This is the case of Nokia N97, the Finns’ first touchscreen and sliding QWERTY smartphone, that sadly uses a mere ARM 11 434 MHz processor.



Even the PSP features a 333 MHz processor, while the N97 only surpasses 5800 XpressMusic by 65 MHz when it comes to CPU. This is a major flaw of the handset, specially since it’s going to cost around $800 and also be Nokia’s flagship phone.

Multi-tasking should be “mission impossible” on this device and we have a look at a couple of other handsets with better processors and lower prices below:

– BlackBerry Bold – 624MHz
– HTC Magic – 528MHz
– HTC Touch Pro2 – 528MHz
– Palm Pre – around 600MHz
– Samsung i8910 – 600MHz

[via BGR]

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