Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, two of the most popular mobile browsers out there have just received an upgrade, reaching versions 6.1 and 11.1 respectively. Among the new features we find an evolved address bar, that also acts as a search bar, although the latter is still present beside the address bar.


This new type of bar can also provide Google suggestions for your search and a bit of your browser history to aid you. As soon as you start typing, sites and suggestions will appear and the bar is smart enough to fill in the domains like .com and .net for you. The new browser versions also support more accurate text selections, thanks to draggable handle bars, much like those in iOS and WP7.

To refresh your memory, Opera Mobile is more of a smartphone experience, while Opera Mini is meant for feature phones, since its rendering work goes into the Opera server, that compresses pages and sends them to your handset. Here’s what’s new in Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 if we made you curios:

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