There are 3 cameraphones battling it out this year: Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Honami and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. A surprise contender could be the Oppo N-Lens N1, shown below. This model is supposed to be Oppo’s first cameraphone and today we have some shots of its camera.



The device was leaked a few days ago and now we find out it’s going to pack a Xenon flash, among others. Rumors say it has a 13 megapixel camera and it’s powered by the “Owl” image chip that creates better low light shots. The Oppo N-Lens price is expected to be around $480 off contract, a very affordable price tag compared to the models mentioned above, that are about $200 pricier.

If the Oppo N-Lens N1 wants to succeed, it will have to have good zoom quality, excellent HDR, a lot of camera features, excellent low light behaviour and at least a video gimmick. Something like Rich Recording or Full HD 60 FPS video capture would help. We’ll have to wait and see!

Oppo-N-Lens-phone-leaks-out (2)

Oppo-N-Lens-phone-leaks-out (1)

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