Panasonic wants to declare war to the 12MP cameraphone Nokia N8 and to the Altek Leo handset, with its 14MP sensor, bringing in the field a brand new phone with a 13.2MP sensor. Apparently, the new unit will bear the famous Lumix branding and the device already has a teaser site up, available over here.

If you’re wondering about the specs, the first Lumix cameraphone will feature the above-mentioned CMOS sensor, plus a 3.3 inch LCD display, mounted on a 146 gram body. The device’s large sensor will make the phone a bit bulky, so it’ll be 17.7mm in thickness. Panasonic’s product is expected to go live next week during CEATEC 2010, taking place in Tokyo.

Surprisingly enough, the last design trait of this handset is the strangest one: Panasonic claims that it sports a folding mechanism, so we’re dealing with a clamshell here! Pretty impressive, right?

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