Samsung couldn’t miss its chance to show off a green gadget at Mobile World Congress 2009, so they’ll be introducing the Blue Earth handset, as green as it gets when it comes to saving the Planet.

The handset is made out of PCM (recycled plastic from water bottles) and it comes with an “eco” mode that adjusts screen brightness, backlighting and Bluetooth usage.


There’s even an eco walk app on board, a sort of pedometer showing the user how much CO2 he’s saving by walking on foot, instead of driving. As you can see in the image above, Blue Earth incorporates a solar panel at the back, that’ll charge the device enough to make a phone call, while the sun’s shining at its brightest.

The new Samsung eco phone resembles a shiny pebble, as far as looks are concerned and it comes with recycled packing and an energy efficient charger. No info on its specs, price or launch date, for now.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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