Samsung Galaxy S III is the phone that got around 8 million preorders in just weeks after its announcement and ahead of its store release. Now, the same model is said to have surpassed 10 million sales, just like Sammy predicted for the summer. Even Apple has felt the heat of the new Galaxy S, that threatens to be the best selling handset ever.

The 10 million milestone was achieved earlier than predicted or expected and that’s partly due to the huge marketing campaign that Samsung has prepared. The phone is associated with the Olympic Games and it was all over the sidelines during the final of the Champions League this year. The device has been available in Europe and Asia since the end of May and in North America from June, so it took so little to reach this number. Yonhap News Agency is stating that the phone sells around 190.000 units per day.

Take this info with a grain of salt, since it’s yet unclear if 10 million is the number of units sold to consumers or ones shipped to retailers. Estimates now say that the Galaxy S III could see as much as 40 million sales by the end of the year, which is a very impressive feat for any device nowadays. Also, this increases Samsung’s profits and performance for the following and current quarters. With the Galaxy Note II announcement coming, things will get even more interesting.

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