Are you in need of a quality RSS reader for your mobile? SBSH GoNews Touch is a news and RSS reader that makes news readying on the go a ball. It can follow simple RSS feeds, but it also allows the user to read full web page articles using special templates.


The software borrows part of the UI design from SBSH Calendar Touch, which is simple, intuitive and finger friendly. On the main screen, you’ll get the chance to check out a list of sites you’re subscribed to and each of the displayed items includes the icon of a certain site. Once you select a website, you’ll see a list of feeds and even a small thumbnail of the image associated to the article.

What follows is pretty predictable and easy to figure out: you select a post and open the body of the piece of news, including the picture. This powerful RSS Reader will cache regular websites, but for more info, be sure to check out the review below for SBSH:


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