Sony Ericsson Naite is the manufacturer’s freshest 3G device, that’s part of the eco series GreenHeart. Yes, you’ve read it right, this is an eco-friendly device we’re talking about.


It comes with basic e-mail and texting features, video phone calls, a 2 megapixel camera, photo uploading and a neat media player. Naite will support web surfing, Bluetooth connectivity and its eco side is revealed by the lack of chemicals used in the production process.

Also, we learn that paper consumption was reduced thanks to smaller packaging and less (or none) paper manuals. The bundled charger is also energy efficient, saving Mother Earth once again. Sony Ericsson Naite also comes with an Ecomate app, that allows the user to make green choice, plus a Carbon Footprint calculator, that’ll reveal the amount of CO2 you use daily.

Expect the handset to hit the market in Q3 2009.

[via mobilewhack]