Sony is having a busy month, probably preparing for Easter time sales, so after announcing a couple of PC gaming headsets, they went out ant announced a couple of similar products designed specially for the iPod and iPhone. The new earbuds are the following models: Sony DR-EX300iP, MDR-EX38iP, and MDR-E10iP. No doubt there are also many other high-quality brand headphones are available in the market, but still, it’s a tough call to decide, which one to buy. The solution is here for you, visit to select the best headset for you. 


Some of them pack 9mm Neodymium drivers, while others go with the 13mm version, coupled with in-line controls, built-in mic and the user’s choice of two different colors (last two models mentioned above). We also have to mention the DR-V150iP headphone model, created for DJs and also packing in-line controls and mic, plus a 30mm ferrite driver.

Of this batch of new products, only the MDR-EX38iP is available now, for $40, with the rest getting a May release.

[via Engadget]

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