Sony has been negotiating with Microsoft for a while now apparently and those discussions have ended up with a successful cooperation in the field of mobile. Ever since the launch of Windows Phone we’ve been hearing rumors about a WP Sony device, but only this year we may get to see one.



Various prototypes or cancelled products have hit the web over the years, but now the rumors are saying we should expect a Vaio brand unit. Microsoft’s Windows Phone director Greg Sullivan has confirmed the approach and Sony’s release of a WP smartphone this year. The launch will take place by the middle of the year and it will rely on special services like Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited to stand out of the crowd.

Sony has a history with Microsoft, considering their first Xperia devices were actually Windows Mobile units, so they’ve worked together before. I’m not sure how one’s PlayStation initiative will go along with the other’s Xbox Music, Video and Games… We’ll have to wait and see.

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