Verizon has recently announced a partnership with Google and the first signs of this cooperation have started to show up. There’s already a cool TV campaign running for a new handset, called Droid and the ads rely on the “iDon’t” factor, or better said, the things t at the iPhone can’t do.


There’s also a teaser site available and from the clip you can see above, we find out that the new Android phone does most of the stuff that the iPhone can’t, like packing a physical keyboard, multitasking, a 5 megapixel camera, widgets, customization, a removable battery and more.

We wonder if it can also match the iPhone’s vast number of apps and software, plus the cool interface… Is there any possibility that we’ll ever see the iPhone on Verizon, after the AT&T exclusivity goes away and after an ad like this?

[via PC World]

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