Nowadays, many devices find their inspiration in the automotive business, even if the phone and tablet makers won’t rush to admit it. I also have to say that the latest Galaxy K Zoom and first Zoom model weren’t good looking and their camera objectives were a blessing and curse. However, the Vespa camera pictured below may serve as inspiration for a beautiful new K Zoom from Samsung.


Vespa is the famous maker of beautiful Italian motorcycles and it inspired a camera rendered by Rotimi Solola and Cati Miklasz. The device is elegant and integrates a pretty subtle objective, although it promises quite an impressive optical zoom. The camera integrates a pop up flash, a low profile shutter and 3.3 inch display. There’s also a mic/speaker, that looks very old school.

The designers wanted to create a camera that’s easy to use, easy to hold and it’s simply fun. The big objective is always a big problem for camera or phone makers, even if their name is Samsung or Microsoft/Nokia. Maybe Sony got it right when they made separate lens accessories…





via Yanko Design