Leave it to Dubai to mark the debut of golden phones, with the iPhone 6 getting this treatment in the Arabian territory. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale late last week and they were shipped to their rightful owners. Some of the iPhone fans out there may want more than space grey or silver, they may want pure gold…


gold iphone

We’re dealing with a 24 karat gold version of the iPhone 6 here, as pictured above. Showcased at the Collectors Palace in Dubai Mall, this has the appearance of a gold bar, you know like the ones the guys were throwing around in Hangover 3. The local Dubai outfit is taking orders for this precious version and I’m scared to even ponder about the price tag. I have to say that Apple’s decision to make that gray bar so visible at the top back is pretty poor.

Just look how that grey area cuts into the golden case. I also find it strange that the Apple logo is not exactly visible, unlike the Gold & Co logo placed at the lower area. Of course, the picture may have suffered some blurring. It’s interesting that people with golden phones never seem to complain about signal or chipping. Does gold plating affect signal or the quality of the case?

Via cnbeta

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