xpPhone is a name you’ve surely heard before, since this was supposed to be among the first smartphones to bring the desktop Windows experience to the mobile device world, in a smaller diagonal version. Predictably enough the first xpPhone ran Windows XP and now we have a Windows 7 compatible unit, that’s also able to run Windows 8.

xpPhone2 is the newcomer, one that features a 1.6GHz processor of the Intel Atom kind (probably), 2GB of RAM, a 4.3 inch touchscreen and a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. There’s also 112GB of HDD/flash drive on board, as well as GPS, 3G, WiFi and a battery that provides 18.5 hours of talk time. All of these feats were considered impressive enough to be included by the phone’s maker in a table comparison against the iPhone and some of the latest Android smartphones.

We’re welcome into the era of post-smartphone devices, with this being the one to set the trend. The problem here is that this handset is bulky and heavy, that’s a price you have to pay for the processing power and big battery. Also, I have a hard time believing that the Windows 7 experience will be comfortable on a 4.3 inch display, since it wasn’t that good on a 10 inch tablet…

  • Great news!!!

  • “post-smartphone ”    – a design concept surpassing the iPhone of Steve Jobs!!!! Really???


  • BLACK IS OK, i don’t like this colour     

  • If the China company ITG can do the device well ,it will have a good market position!!

  • All “eyes” on win8 in this CES, but I still like “xp”, maybe because I still use “xp” now.

  • Is( xpphone1 ) still on market now?

  • SO COOL!

  • the idea of a handset running on Windows 7 (and eventually Windows 8) is interesting

  • 发放 曹

    First Smartphones to Run Windows 7, Win 8 ?

  • Super cool, come out quickly!

  • Eager to see the demo and want to play it. But one question, the battery is so good to support windows7/8?

  • Now the funtion of the smartphone is so common, such device will give new blood to this market, dig a new road, new idea!

  • As a newcomer of “smartphone” or “pc market”, that depends on his market reaction

  • what’s the price, if not expensive,  I will have a try,,,,

  • All “eyes” on win8 in this CES, but I still like “xp”, maybe because I still use “xp” now.

  • If the China company ITG can do the device well ,it will have a good market position!!……

  • “COOL”

  • “windows xp” does use less RAM and processing power but the interface is not as touch friendly as” windows 7 or 8 “so if the phone is given enough RAM and a fast enough chipset, as it has been
    I think it will do pretty well, atleast on performance

  • Good idea!!!!!

  • that’s impossible

  • How much?

  • having seen the news one year ago,and now xpphone2 will be out,expecting

  • good?or bad? 

  • how much?????????

  • so strange,don’t like

  • xpphone is new,not heard

  • suite for me

  • Also suite for me!

  • Sun

    chinese devices are not so good

  • good idea and good thing

  • unreliable,right?

  • unreliable,right?

  • cann’t put anything to another device,must be compatible

  • win8 also ok in smartphone,that is good idea

  • so good to have a try

  • who produce such device ,so smart


  • can’t compare with iphone

  • Having siri in xpphone2?

  • why using win8? Andriond is just ok

  • Sen


  • want to have a try

  • interesting device

  • if Job is living,maybe such device is made out

  • What is the price of such device ,not cheap i think

  • Good,win8 is not on market,now ,it want to install win8

  • win8 will be on market in 2012, so don’t worry

  • there are so many smartphones in the market, and i don’t know how to choose,this is ok and that is also good, they are alike. this is installed in windows8 just like pc more, i will buy,if on business trip, i will not take so many device,like pc,like mp4,like others,just take on is ok…………but i don’t know the price, i hope i can afford this device