xpPhone is a name you’ve surely heard before, since this was supposed to be among the first smartphones to bring the desktop Windows experience to the mobile device world, in a smaller diagonal version. Predictably enough the first xpPhone ran Windows XP and now we have a Windows 7 compatible unit, that’s also able to run Windows 8.


xpPhone2 is the newcomer, one that features a 1.6GHz processor of the Intel Atom kind (probably), 2GB of RAM, a 4.3 inch touchscreen and a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. There’s also 112GB of HDD/flash drive on board, as well as GPS, 3G, WiFi and a battery that provides 18.5 hours of talk time. All of these feats were considered impressive enough to be included by the phone’s maker in a table comparison against the iPhone and some of the latest Android smartphones.

We’re welcome into the era of post-smartphone devices, with this being the one to set the trend. The problem here is that this handset is bulky and heavy, that’s a price you have to pay for the processing power and big battery. Also, I have a hard time believing that the Windows 7 experience will be comfortable on a 4.3 inch display, since it wasn’t that good on a 10 inch tablet…

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