ZTE wants a bigger slice of the smartphone and tablet pie, so they’ll bring the heavy guns at MWC 2012 in Barcelona. ZTE is usually seen as a global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, but now they also want to matter as handset maker.


The 8 new device will be focused on high power, high definition multimedia and great design. The newcomers will also include a quad core model, LTE units, Windows Phone devices and more. This is part of the ZTE plan to become a top three handset provider by 2015. As far as infrastructure goes, ZTE will be showing application scenarios from the LTE/LTE-A area.

In order to achieve such high technological feats, the Asian company returns at least 10% of the revenues it gets back into R&D, making sure it sustains its position as market innovator. We’ll see more of them at MWC 2012, where we’ll give you some hands on time with the new products.

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