The second Google Android handset has just hit the web and you can check out the first picture of the device below, plus a pretty impressive list of specs. The G2 is an unconfirmed device, as it the image, so you might want to consider this a big fat rumour, for now.



There’s even a release date that accompanies all the data invading the web: January 26, 2009, but BGR claims that it’ll be pushed to April, due to software issues. As strange as it may seem, the Android G2 phone doesn’t feature a full QWERTY keypad, but at least it has a full touchscreen. It also keeps the bottom trackball, supports 3G and WiFi and comes with a 5 megapixel camera (autofocus plus flash included).

HTC’s Android G2 does EDGE and GPRS, games, IM, features a memory card slot (up to 16GB), allows mobile backup, plays music and video and comes with a browser we hope is Chrome. There’s also Picture Messaging on its specs list, as well as a speakerphone, Stereo Bluetooth connectivity, PC sync, USB, video capture, video messaging, voice dialing and myFave support.

Surreal? Rumour? Fake? What’s your take on this story?

[via SlashPhone]

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