BenQ doesn’t make phones very often, but when they do, the devices are pretty interesting. Among those we find the BenQ B506, recently certified in Taiwan. The device works on FDD-LTE networks and also supports Bluetooth and WiFi.


We don’t know much about this model, aside from the fact that it supports dual band WiFi, runs Android and has a 2300 mAh battery. It most likely has midrange specs and its design feels a bit like the one of a Sony Xperia, minus the glass back, that doesn’t seem to be here. The case seems rather metallic, or made of plastic with a texture that resembles metal.


The camera placement and its size feels like a Sony Xperia model and the front of the phone reveals minimal bezels. There’s no pricing for the BenQ B506 just yet, but I’m sure it will reasonable, perhaps less than $300 or even $250.

via blogofmobile