HTC EVO 3D, the first tridimensional phone made by the Taiwanese company will hit RadioShack with a $200 price tag, if the ad below is to be believed. The offer applies with a new or upgraded 2 year contract and you can also get the 3D smartphone without commitment, for $499.99.


HTC EVO 3D users will have to pay an extra $10 monthly for Sprint’s Premium data plan. Also, RadioShack will sell the phone with the movie The Green Hornet in 3D preloaded in its internal memory. The same retailer offers you a free download of Phenomenon, The Black Eyed Peas single…. Wish it was the Travolta movie, to be honest…

Finally, there’s the option of trading in the HTC EVO 4G for a brand new EVO 3D for a $100 price cut, only at RadioShack.

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