Intel has just announced that it’s going to include its processing solutions in future android devices, a piece of news that should make us happy, considering not everyone is too pleased with the Qualcomm or Nvidia alternatives. A version of the Atom CPU will be tweaked for inclusion on tablets and smartphones it seems.


The info comes straight from Intel CEO Paul Otellini, saying that the smartphone business has been shook by Android, that cut deep into Apple’s market share. He probably feels he’s on the winning side here, but analysts are saying that Windows Phone will take over Android by 2015… so who’s winning? On the other hand Intel are lucky enough to be included in the Windows 8 project, so everything’s looking up for them.

I can imagine a LG MeeGo superphone with an Intel CPU and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, that will be pretty much a wet dream for any tech passionate. But what about the battery life, overheating, efficiency, Quadrant scores and other things?  Is Intel ready for this? I mentioned LG since they’ve shown interest in taking over MeeGo and that means working with Intel.

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