The following LG press conference invitation is as clear as it gets, preparing us for the debut of LG Optimus 3D. This brand new (potential) 3D phone fills in the gaps and answers the questions that popped up during CES 2011, as LG was detailing its glasses-free 3D display measuring 4.3 inches in diagonal.


Back to the invitation, it says that on valentine’s Day, that is February 14th, LG will unveil the Optimus 3D, without providing extra details. Carphone Warehose subsidiary Phonehouse already has a teaser of the device, but that’s already been taken off the web. 3D handsets should be all the rage this year, together with LTE 4G devices and dual-core phones… Am I right?

What version of Android do you think this baby will be running? Android 2.4 maybe?

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