Not the superstitious kind, Modu unveiled today, 10.10.10 its long-awaited follow-up to the first modular handset it debuted a year ago, just like we said they would. Well, in fact they announced two new models: Modu T and Modu W. The latter runs Android, only comes with WiFi and seems to lack cellular connectivity, but maybe it’ll get it via Jackets.


In case you’re not familiar with modu and modular phones, know that these devices are based on a core unit that’s pretty low-specced, but it can receive instant hardware upgrades thanks to cases with components embedded in them (cameras, keyboards, memory, a larger screen etc), known as Jackets.

While Modu W is still in development, the Modu T model was already launched and we’ve found out that it comes with a 2.2 inch touch display (240 x 320 pixels), GPS, Bluetooth and it runs Qualcomm Brew. Social networking features are also on its specs list, together with r jacket support, that it’ll allow it to receive a 5MP camera, also showcased during the launch event today. QWERTY keyboards, bigger screens and gaming controls are also among the Jackets.

Shipping of the devices is scheduled in early 2011, but till then you can check out a hands on experience with Modu T in the video below:

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