We’ve got a new supermodel of a phone popping up on the web, via a leak that shows us its beautiful design. The newcomer is either the Nubia Z9 from ZTE or a handset branded by the e-commerce site JingDong.



The really interesting aspect here is the bezel-free facade and the Home button is reminiscent of other Nubia models. The display is said to be around 5.2 to 5.3 inches and this unit is said to have no bezel at all, reminding us of that pretty Sharp Aquos Crystal unit, but with even less bezels. Compensating the lack of side edges is the bigger area below the screen.

The supposed new Nubia is said to have 3 GB of RAM, a Full HD display and a rear camera with optical image stabilization. I’m sure we’ll learn more over the next few days, since there are many companies rushing to get their devices out these days.


via Gizchina

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