If you want to keep contacts and calendar info in the cloud and you’re an Android user, the folks of Mobilissimo.ro have pointed out a solution. It’s the Active Organizer software, that allows you to sync data from the Android phone to the PC.


The software is available for free right here in a 10 day trial version, while the full version goes for $24.95. Active Organizer allows you to edit contacts and events while offline and even create events, or move then from one to calendar to another. The software start with Windows and can be accessed from the OS with a single click.

Syncing with Google Calendar and Google Contacts is automatic and it applies to the PC-phone and phone-PC directions. Groups of contacts are supported and there’s a birthday tracking feature, with notifications when such a special occasion is coming up. The interface is simplistic, as shown by these screenshots, so this is a simple and reliable software to use.

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