A long-awaited smartphone from China is Xiaomi Mi4, device that will have a 5-inch Retina-like display, 4G LTE and a unibody metal body. This device was seen recently in a couple of photos that reveals very thin screen bezels. Now, we find out another feature/component that will be found on this device.


A photo uploaded to a microblogging platform from China revealed that the Xiaomi Mi4 will arrive with a 13 megapixel camera that can make photos at a 4.208 x 3.120 pixel resolution. We can also take a look on the image EXIF that tells us that the photo was took on June 26 near the Great Wall of China.


This photo geographical coordinates are 40°14’24.6” N and 115°46’23.3” E, a location that can be found right here on Google Maps. You can also download the full-resolution photo right here to take a closer look. Are you impressed by Xiaomi Mi4’s camera quality?