The name Pegatron has been heard a lot recently, since this company is rumored to produce both the PlayStation 4 console and the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5. According to DigiTimes, Apple has already placed an order for no less than 15 million units of the next gen iPhone…


We’re used to hearing about Foxconn when it comes to such partnerships, but here we are with the big company Pegatron. They’re also the ones who build the CDMA Verizon iPhone, in case you’re wondering, so they have what it takes to deliver the new handset for the Cupertino giant. Supposedly, the new iPhones are shipping in September and once again a bit of info about the device leaks out.

The usual Apple A5 dual core processor and 8 megapixel pop up, plus the already famous edge to edge display and lack of home button. Which of these are actually true we don’t know yet, but September is close enough, so keep counting for the big day.

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