It seems that Sprint’s Kyocera Echo doesn’t only sport a unique design and reasonable specs, but also a rugged case. Thanks to the video below, we learn the science behind the resilience of the dual screen smartphone. Turns out that you can drop it and it’ll still function.


The hinge is particularly sturdy, since it’s made of a super copper alloy, while the touchscreens are made with Corning Gorilla Glass, for extra toughness. These displays will survive scratches, drops and bumps , while the hinge is supposed to be nearly indestructible, with 6 patents pending.

The tests of the handset involved opening and closing it 100,000 times, that’s 25,000 times more than usual. Well, now maybe you’ll find the dual 3.5 inch touchscreen handset appealing. However, it’s too bad that it only runs Android 2.2 Froyo right now, but hopefully it will get Android 2.3 optimized for this experience.

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