LG Thrill 4G, the US version of the LG Optimus 3D was recently announced by AT&T, with no exact info of its availability. Now, thanks to some leaks, we’ve heard that both this device and the US version of the HTC ChaCha (HTC Status) will reach the stores before the end of July.


Also on the list we find the BlackBerry Torch 4G handset, a previously unheard of model, that will be carried by AT&T starting AT&T. This is most likely the carrier’s version of the Torch 2 that we’ve heard about a while ago. AT&T is also preparing some other goodies, such as the Pantech Pursuit II and Pantech Breeze III, ready to replace the current Pursuit and Breeze II units.

Once again, the most appealing of the phones above is the Thrill 4G aka the LG Optimus 3D, that runs Android 2.2 on top of a 4.3 inch 3D screen. There’s also a dual core processor on board and the ability to record 3D videos via the dual cameras at the back.

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