Adobe recently announced that we won’t be seeing Flash 10.1 on Windows Mobile devices, at least not till Windows Phone 7 is available. Also, we’ve learned that the company will implement its technology only on Android phones with a Cortex A8 processor or better (Droid and Nexus One).


The reason for Adobe going with newer smartphones is the fact that they want to project a good future for their software technology and a longer lifespan for it. Skipping first-gen Android phones is a bold move, but in the long run the owners of future devices will be the ones to gain from this decision.

Till then, we thank God (and Adobe) for Flash Lite, available in one version of another on most phones. Apparently, a new version of Flash Lite will be coming to older devices, filling in the gaps left between the last version of Adobe Flash and 10.1.

[via androidandme]

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