Google is very keen on giving away Nexus One units, as they did during their 2009 Christmas party (Google employees only) and now they’re up for a new session of gifts, destined to reach the hands of Android developers. This time, devs will choose between a Motorola Droid or Google’s very own phone.


There’s a catch to this: you’ll get the handset for free only if you have at least one app that that got more than 5,000 unique downloads and scored 3.5 stars or more. This is a pretty original way of drawing specialist to Google’s side, specially with strong rivals like Microsoft or Apple not needing such PR to draw devs to them.

While Apple is famous for its business model, App Store, iTunes and all and Microsoft has a great tradition in the field, Google and Android are also trying to get some love from the software creators. A good move towards this appreciation will be the end of the fragmentation of Android, by implementing the 2.1 version on all devices, as announced before.

Back to the freebies, know that they’re invite-only and available for developers in the US.

[via gottabemobile]

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