Over the past week Samsung has been found as infringing Apple patents and the Galaxy Nexus was temporarily banned in the USA. And that’s only one of the many problems that Android has with Apple and also with Microsoft. No less than 11 patents belonging to those two companies have been found as infringe by the search engine giant’s OS.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus are two models that have to suffer because of that, but HTC also had its problems, with models like the One X and One S stuck at US border because of patents. FOSS Patents came up with a list of the 11 patents I mentioned, including one that seems pretty standard, for a “portable electronic device for photo management”, used by a Dutch Court in August 24th 2011 in order to give Apple an injunction against some Samsung handsets. The same patent was used in a court in Munich on March 1st this year, reaching a permanent injunction in favour of Apple against Motorola Mobility.

Another major patent involved in the beef is the one related to a “list scrolling and document translation, scaling and rotation on a touchscreen display”. This is actually, the “bounce” movement you see on your phone at the end of a list that you scroll. The US District Court for the Northern District of California ruled in favour of Apple on this one, in December last year. Slide to unlock is also on the list, as well as design patents, autocorrect ones and even Siri/virtual assistant.

Who will get Google Android out of trouble?

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